At Dirsa Construction we believe in delivering the highest quality construction project. We do not believe in cutting corners. Through years of experience we have learned that the only way to create a quality product, is to give maximum effort towards the ultimate goal. More specifically, a beautiful, functional, well thought out product that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of father time. We will only use American products, and do not believe in using cheap material that will fail over time. Most importantly, which is the key in my eyes is caring about the product, and the customers who own them. Passion for doing the job correctly is the key to unlocking a quality top of the line product. Dirsa Construction is a family run business, our grandfather started building houses in the 1920′s. We have been a Boston Contractor, and renovation specialist for over ten years. If you want a construction company that is going to cut corners in order to make a little more money, just to get it done, and move on to the next, you have the wrong company. If you want a company that will take the extra time to make sure everything is rock solid, and finished beautifully, we are the guys for you.


Thanks, Dave Dirsa, and Fred Daigle Jr.

Licensed and Insured

License # 94845

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